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Band Biographies



Dave Evans
Height 188
Weight 90kg
Instrument: Accordion/Vocals
Experience: 30 years

Bio: Dave Evans cannot not entertain. He has been dubbed “The Jimi Hendrix of the Accordion.” Dave has been playing professionally for thirty years. Co-founder of TBWKTM in 1990. He has toured North America, Canada, Western Europe and the UK. Currently performing with Barb Waters, ‘Spielozoi’, and touring internationally with Jen Anderson’s live score for the film ‘The Sentimental Bloke’.



Andrew Reid
Height 179cm
Weight 90kgs
Instrument Clarinet/Washboard/Vocals
Experience: 30+ years, 1978 to present

Bio: Co-founding member, not short or tall, solid build who loves to sing and swing. Andy has toured the world as a professional reeds player for over 30 years. He has recorded with ‘Weddings, Parties, Anything’ and Tim Rogers from ‘You Am I’. Co-founder of TBWKTM in 1990. Also works as a session musician in the local Irish music scene.



Matt Earl
Height 183cm
Weight 85
Instrument: Drums
Experience: 20 years

Bio: Talented and versatile, proficient on both sides of the body. Matt is a graduate of The Victorian College Of The Arts. He has toured North America, Western Europe, Scandinavia and the UK with Australian and International bands over the last decade. Currently performing with Deborah Conway, Tonchi McIntosh, Neil Murray, Adam Simmons Quartet and Dan West’s ‘Kadoonka’. Member of TBWKTM since 1993.








Craig Fermanis
Height 170 cms
Weight 67 kgs
Instrument: Guitar
Experience: 13 years, 1500+ gigs, 3 contract renegotiations

Bio: Has shown some glimpses of vintage form recently. Craig was a runner-up in the James Morrison Scholarship 1989, and a finalist in the Wangaratta Jazz Guitar Competition in 2000. He has performed across Europe and the U.S., and has studied in New York with Jim Hall and John Abercombie. Craig has performed with James Morrison and Barney McAll, and is a member of ‘The Jamie Oehlers Quintet’, Sam Keevers’ Cuban big-band, ‘Los Cabrones’ and leads his own trio. Member of TBWKTM since 1995.




Rory Boast
Height 178 cm
Weight 75 kgs
Instrument: Bass/Vocals
Experience: 10 years, 25,000 gigs, 2498 KO’s, 1 draw, 1 DNF

A slugger from the back streets who doesn't mind mixing it with the best! Rory joined the band in 2004 and brings a wealth of musical knowledge and experience. He is a charismatic performer who has toured internationally and recorded with Mick Thomas, Cyndi Boste and countless Swedish artists during a three-year stay in Stockholm. He is also available for all your bulldozing requirements.










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Stage Plans
5 piece stage plan (PDF)
6 piece stage plan (PDF)